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Nasional Montessori aims for the fullest possible development of the whole child, ultimately preparing him for life’s many rich experiences. There are 5 inter-connected fundamental learning areas:

Practical Life, Sensorial Arts, Language, Mathematics and Cultural Arts. 

Nasional Montessori has a good reputation for years on teaching the kids balance between studying and playing. My children have become more independent, confident, helpful, and mature. They can self-study and for such a young age to be able to self-study is a big achievement. They also learn about good manners from school.

Juliana Halim - Mommy of Anzu (2019), Sherrie (2020) & Naia (2021)

After enrolling Hayden in Nasional Montessori, I've notice major changes in his behavior. He shows great empathy with other classmates who cry, especially with the kids who are still not familiar with the school routine. He can calm them down and make them feel comfort at school by accompany them and small pat gesture when they cry. It warms my heart. Plus, I also love all the teachers! They all really have a heart for the kids and treat the kids like their own children. They are the best. 

Hartini - Mommy of Hayden (2019)

I remember picking up my boys with big happy smile on their face. Nasional Montessori has made them love going to school, studying, learning and making friends. I think social skill improvements plays an important role of what Nasional Montessori has taught. My boys learned how to adapt and make new friends. Although they are not the outgoing types, thanks to the culture in Nasional Montessori, they never have problems in making friends in new environments until now. I’ve also seen the kids from Nasional Montessori grow and share similar values.

Vivi Emilia - Mommy of Winston & Geoffrey (2002 Graduate)

Nasional Montessori’s good quality is often spoken among the parents, remarkably in terms of academic, which have been proven through the students who graduated from Nasional Montessori. They are independent and they do well in their academic. On top of that, my son, Warren, always mentioned how fun it is to be in school and he always speaks highly of his teachers. I am more than satisfied with Nasional Montessori.

Ike Sutjipto - Mommy of Warren (2019)

For me, Nasional Montessori is a fun and homey school. It is never a burden to walk my son to school. Eiji has learned to talk a lot more and he enjoys going to school. He also insisted on being more independent such as not drinking from the bottle, learning to put on his own clothes, choosing his own snacks for school, and gets more confident in singing and dancing.

Louisa Kusnandar - Mommy of Eiji (2019)

Chiara joined Nasional Montessori with speech delay yet she learned so fast and was already reading by the time she was in Nursery. She even developed confidence that allowed her to speak or perform in front of an audience. She has also become more independent as she learned to eat by herself, clean up after snacks and dress up.

Hoo Jing Jing - Mommy of Chiara (2017 Graduate)

Why Nasional Montessori

For more than 20 years, Nasional Montessori has efficiently carried out its unique integrated Montessori curriculum that naturally works with the children’s developmental needs. Being a child-centered preschool, the emphasis is always respect for each child’s interest and abilities. True to Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education, Nasional Montessori aims for the fullest possible development of the whole child, ultimately preparing him for life’s many rich experiences. 

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